True Love

10 Oct

Learn to Love

We have been given a new command, and it’s more than meets the eye.

“A commandment, a new one, I am giving you, that you should be constantly loving one another with a divine and self-sacrificial love; even as I loved you, you also be loving one another. In this all shall know that you are my disciples, if you constantly have love among one another.” ~John 13

We may think we know what Love is, and how to express this Love, yet there is much to learn in this realm of Love, for we must walk through His fire to know Him, and His Love. From this we often find just how little we knew, and how much there is to learn about walking in Love.

“If you are loving me with a divine and self-sacrificial love, the commandments which are mine you will keep. And as for myself, I will ask the Father, and another Counsellor of the same kind as I am He will give to you in order that He might be with you forever, the Spirit of the truth, whom the world is not able to receive because it does not see Him with discernment and does not know Him experientially. But, as for you, you know Him experientially, because by your side He dwells, and in you He shall be. I will not leave you behind, helpless. I come to you.” ~ John 14

This Love is highly demanding of our will, our perspectives, and how we exercise this precious Love. It can only be rightly expressed in Spirit and Truth, and this is from experimentally knowing the Lord in Spirit and Truth. Only from this position can we Love as we are Loved.

A Higher Love

This takes the meaning and expression of Love to the 3rd heaven. It’s from this perspective we see just how pure this Love is. For us to enter this realm of Love we must be willing to lay everything on the altar, and allow the Lord accomplish the work of the cross within us. For it is only from this work that we can we truly know Him, and His Love.

True Love is offensive, ruthless, and without mercy for all that is false, rooted in Adam. This cuts deeply and when we offer ourselves to the will of our Lord, He will express this without fail. This can seem harsh, yet His desire is for us to know the Truth of Love, and the Love of Truth. From this we have our perspectives shaken, and come to see the beauty of our Lord, and His true Love.

What remains from the cross working within us is a desire to see our Fathers will accomplished, and to lay our lives down in Love for others. To express His very nature, which is Love. We can only do this in His grace, and submitting to His will. His grace is sufficient for the work before us.

“Greater love than this no one has, namely, that anyone lay down his life on behalf of his friends. As for you, friends of mine you are, if you habitually do that which I am enjoining upon you.”~ John 15

We must learn what this Love is all about, and Learn to Love as we are Loved.

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