The Letter Kills, only the Spirit gives Life

30 Nov

Death and Pride are the same Ride
Death is ministered constantly, the world is seething with death, what is self proclaimed love, is death. Death is the expression of man, it’s his nature.
Death is never satisfied, death is a hunger a gluttony that feasts upon the soul of man. Death seeks its expression among the literal, the letter, living to propagate itself.
We are so accustomed to death, it’s so natural.

Only Love overcomes death, and what is unique is, we must die to live. This shows the deep entrenchment death has, or is, in Adam’s seed.

I like this observation “It is only when we are purified we will live again”
The Fire of His Love is so pure, so powerful, that we in His grace die, to Live. To live in and through His Love. For only His Love is stronger than death. It is only in the Spirit that we find Life.

Life and Love are synonymous, for they are only found in the Spirit of Christ.
Today we can be reaching out, touching the Eternal, laying claim to our citizenship, not if this age, but in the ageless expression of our Father.

May our praise proclaim His glory, and may our praise be unto our Lord, and the beauty of His Nature which is Love.

For it is only His Spirit that is Life.

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