Living Faith, is Living by His Faith

22 Dec


Does not come by our works, thoughts or anything from us. Outside of Him we are dead, and the dead can do nothing.

Does not come by our obedience to the law, for this is death to Faith, for it is of the mind.

The human mind is not capable, nor never can be capable of Faith, for the mind is in complete opposition to Faith.


Faith is from outside of us, it is the gift of Life through grace.


It was Faith that raised Lazarus from his sleep. Faith that Abraham left his country and walked into the unknown to seek a city who’s foundation is God.

It was by Faith that Mary conceived, and by Faith that she treasured this in her heart. It was by Faith she knew the one she birthed, would birth her.

It is by Faith we shed the grave clothes of our beliefs, and walk into the obscure, the mystical realm of Spirit, where we find Life.

It is by Faith we move, moving beyond what we know, into a realm of obscurity, and peace, a realm of darkness that breaks into Light.

It is only by His Faith that we can know Atonement.


Only by His Faith that we find this to be true.

“Only goodness and Faithful Love will purse me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

Psalm 23:6

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