Strength for the Sojourn 

26 Dec

In our return home there will be thieves and thugs that will strive to divert our sojourn. This can leave us battered and beaten. Unable to move on, and truly in need of healing.


Yet the The Good Samaritan is Faithful and True to come to our aid. Carrying us in His arms, ministering the Oil of His grace, and nourishment to our souls.


All with the encouragement to walk on Home, our Father is anxiously awaiting our return.
This is Love.

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One response to “Strength for the Sojourn 

  1. greg gamble

    December 26, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    Beautiful Jim.
    Thieves & thugs come in all forms.
    often we dont see them coming, and sometimes sadly, they are part of our daily lives. Father allows them to get just close enough to his child, and even harm us, in order to wake us up, and panic, that we have left the safety of home. Home however, is a garden, or an oasis, and is a moment and a prayer away from the wanderer, and the lost sheep. Home is trusting Fathers love. Home is Jesus indwelling, abiding faith, which works by love. Thieves & thugs hate Home, and cant follow us there.
    Oh that our brethren would come home. Would that they tire of running, feasting and working for scraps, and come Home to Fathers mansions. Its too quiet & empty. And only when we are all Home will the works of thieves & thugs, who rob & kill us, be subdued, and Jesus occupy His full place as King.
    Even so, come Lord Jesus.

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