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Eve and Her Lover


The enormity, the overwhelming intensity and endless wonder of Love is expressed in the silent yet understood voice of our Lord.

In this we begin to scratch the surface of the meaning of life, and find that He is ever present, ever faithful, and ever able to touch out hearts expressing in various ways His Love for US, all of US.


When we step back a moment we find that the whole of humanity is found from Eve, this is symbolic language to express the identity of our soul.

Eve finds her true Love in Christ, and in this she is symbolically in union, married to her True Husband, and reconciled unto God.

Love lifts the soul into Christ which is her proper dwelling, she knows she is dark, yet Love shines within her, to make her see and know her true and proper place, in Christ as His bride, and the Lover of her soul.


Humanity is comprised of many souls (expressions) all under and in Christ, With One mind or head with many different expressions. All in the glory of our Fathers abundant Grace, Truth and Love.


And this is the true gospel, the ministry of reconciliation, bringing all of creation into this union through Christ.

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