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Atonement…at One in Him

This evening at sunset marks a High Day in the old covenant, and shadows the workmanship of His hands within His students, disciples and fellow sojourners in Spirit and Truth. 

Atonement depicts our Lords heart for us to be reconciled unto and into Him, and He alone can accomplish this mystical and magnificent transition, one of His Life coming forth in our earthly vessels.

The physical nature of this Day was expressed in fasting, the denial of self, this display is a shadow of the inward work of His hands, the overwhelming presence of His Love creating within us a new Nature, His.

Blessings to the sojourners who are supple in His hands like moist clay on the Potters wheel, spinning us into a vessel of honor, and this honor is to carry His Nature, and to extol His Name with every ounce and fiber of our being.


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The Wound and The Healer

We must come to see our Lord in His fullness, for He is in the wound and our Healer. 

 The Samaritan story can be seen in this Light the traveler was wounded by what may have seemed as a stranger, and yet a stranger carries him to safety and recovery.

 We must see He works all things together for our good, Job’s story validates this clearly. 
 When we can step back and seek understanding He will provide just that. 

Come, and let us return unto the LORD;

For He hath torn, and He will heal us,

He hath smitten, and He will bind us up.

  After two days will He revive us,

On the third day He will raise us up, that we may live in His presence.

  And let us know, eagerly strive to know the LORD,

   His going forth is as sure as the morning;

And He shall come to us as the rain;

As the latter rain that watererth the earth”

Hosea 6:1~3


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The earthly level of existence is filled with distinctions male, female, Jew, Greek, Mexican, German etc etc. all of which are causes for misunderstanding, divisions, and chaos. 
We in our Lord are called into a realm of Life, Life where Oneness, harmony, and vision open our hearts and minds unto our Fathers Love. Here we find all that pertains to Life, Peace, Joy, and Love.
His calling is to rise, to be awakened, resurrected in Spirit and Truth all in and through our Lord Christ Jesus. 
From this awareness or awakening we see clearly the caustic and confused ways of man and cling unto our Savior King and His abundant goodness, grace and ever present Love.

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The Unimaginable Future is Before Us

The High Way…
Scripture states that…
The key here is the “heart of man” for scripture also stated the heart of man is wicked and deceitful, yet there is a higher Way to see, this being the Spirit of God in us through the awareness and awakening unto His voice, plans and Way. 
Our brother Paul saw beauty, wonders and a realm beyond human capacity to entertain or understand as he was caught UP In the Spirit, he was given eyes to see mankinds future, and the very heart of our Father. 
Today there is an unprecedented opportunity for us to see beyond what is known, all in and through Christ in us opening our hearts to receive His Light, Life and Love, the key once again is our submission unto Him and our walk into His Heart and Mind, this is before us, all in the beauty of the Kingdom of God coming into this earth, ushering in His “Peace and Goodwill”. 
There are others that have been given awareness to our Fathers Heart and they like Paul share this vision. This is mankinds true Hope, the redemption that is found in Christ Jesus and the workmanship of His hands within our hearts. 
Blessings, for this Day is here and coming!

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To Know is not to Know 

One the greatest and quite possibly the greatest disability that mankind suffers from is his intellectual properties. 
For he (mankind) thinks more highly of himself than he ought…and in Light of Truth… he (mankind) is to be completely submissive unto His Creator God, becoming an empty vessel in order to be filled with Love. 
This is mans destiny, to be humbled in the Presence of God, and to find his place within the council and Divine Order of our Father. 
In this man finds a destiny far beyond anything he could have ever devised or imagined. 
This is the Gospel of Christ Jesus, for man to be transformed into the likeness of God.

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Majesty Beyond Description…

“A billion stars go spinning through the night, blazing high above your head.
But IN YOU…is the Presence that will be, when all the stars are dead”

~ Rainer Maria Rilke 1875~1926
Let us all of us bow in wonder and humility….the Hubble Telescope has opened mans eyes to begin to see the vastness of our Christ Jesus and our Heavenly Father.

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Fear or Faith 

We are seeing and experiencing many storms, signs and events, it’s all a matter of perspective how we respond. Some will see these storms and fear will be their guide, and their response. 
Others will see the same storms,signs and events and will rise above the inclination of fear and walk in His Faith, from this they will gain a perspective that enables them to embrace Love and be expressions of Love, all in His Grace through His Faith.
There is a radical shift underway one from the age of man, and into the age of our Father and His Kingdom established on earth as it is in the Heavens.
He sets before us as always Life and Death, blessings and curses, all with the admonition and exhortation to choose Life, Life in Spirit and Truth. 

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