Ever Present, Aways Beckoning…

01 Sep

Each Day the invisible yet ever present God of all creation speaks to us, always wooing, yearning and calling us to come into Him, to drink and eat of His goodness, nature and Life.  
In this we find the adventure of all adventures, wonder, mystery, intrigue, beauty and joy are set before us to explore, abide in, and to learn from, this is truly living!
His heart is open, and His hand is extended unto the family of man, and His ever present voice echoes throughout creation is…”come to me” this is His invitation to each of us to forsake our thoughts, precepts and religious mindset , and to enter into His very Heart and Mind, to begin the dance throughout eternity with our Father. 
It’s time to break free from the chains of mans so called wisdom, the constraints man places upon our Father and His abundant Love. Seek Him for He is found outside the camp, seek Him with your whole heart, ask seek and knock and you will find the True Lover of your soul, Christ Jesus, and find Him to be ever Faithful and always True. 
Blessings my friends, blessings in His Holy Name.

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