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Life is far more that the 9to5 grind, it’s far more than careers, plodding through another day, far more the this earthly realm can ever offer, far more than the eye can see, far more the the depth of the ocean sea…
Life…true Life is ecstatic, electric, exploding with depth width height and breadth of the unending expression of Love. 
Letting go of limitations, exceptions and traditions allows Life to impart beauty, wonder intrigue and intimacy all in the Name of Love.
Life is a mystical adventure all safely and securely held in the arms of Love.
Embrace life naked, empty handed and open minded and Love will fill your heart with…Life.


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Deeply Connected 

What is…
A home without a carpenter to build it.
A meal without a gardener to have tended the garden 
A dance without the music 
A sunrise without the eyes to see
A bank without a bank teller 
A restaurant without a waiter or waitress 
A friend without compassion 
A life without Love or Love without life 
We are so deeply interconnected in so many ways.


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Standing Upright.,.

….to grant to those who mourn in Zion— to give them a beautiful headdress instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the garment of praise instead of a faint spirit; that they may be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he may be glorified.” Isaiah 61:3

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by: Cindy Lee Anderson 


Within the quiet life,Turmoil ceased.

About His business,

Prince of peace.

Non dependant,

Christ alone.

Truly belonging,

A heart at home.

Pure tranquility

Celebrations of Joy.

Rest from labor,

To employ.

Shifted focus,

Others to see.

Not just us,

But many of we.

Insiders out,

Outsider in.

No longer servants

We all are friends.

Greetings to welcome,

This brand new day.

All in Love,

All in Way.

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Pressing On….

So much to see…. 

It’s not what is behind us, it’s all that lays before us, a table prepared in the presence of those opposing us, there is new Wine, and Living Bread for one and all. 


May we with open hearts embrace what God has and is providing us, and dive into His provision without hesitation or reservation…


And with zeal, dive headlong to see and know Love.


Life is found in knowing and Living Love.




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Light changes how we see, how we understand. 


Light brings clarity to what once was cloaked in darkness.


Light dispels, penetrates, and always displaces darkness.


Light is for healing, warmth, vision, and Life. 


Light carries with it Love, for Light reveals Love.



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The Heart of Love….

The Heart of the matter… 

There is underway a groundswell one of earth shattering proportions and significance. This transition is all a matter of the Heart. A renewal, rebirth, or a reawakening unto Life.


Each and every day draws more ‘fish into the net” each day the broken, the downtrodden find a breakthrough where Light is shining in their darkness, and hope replaces disparity, all in and through the awareness of Gods Love.


This isn’t a theological issue, it’s not an intellectual issue,nor can one find a how to checklist…no this is a Heart issue, one that awakens us to the Divine Romance that is clearly the Heart of our Father.


The oft stated “be still and know” is more fully expressed in “let go!” 


Let go of the preconceived notions, the teaching of man, and allow God to be God, the ever Benevolent Father, where God can express directly to you Love. 


This groundswell is all from and through the Heavens touching our earth and our hearts established within the Love of God.


“by their Fruits…you will know”



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