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04 Nov

“the words of the prophets are written upon the…”


Paul Rodgers posted:
“In the post that follows, I’m not sporting a prophet’s robe, putting words into Jesus’ mouth; I’m using thoughts that came out of His own mouth just to bring a more intimate form of writing. It’s a welcome change to read Him on a more personal level, rather than the common prophetic, or distant teaching mode of conversation we’re all too familiar with. 


~ “When you get the sense that I’m not speaking to you, then discipline yourself to pay close attention to the world around you, because I’m using everything in your life to reveal Myself to you. 


If you’ve yet to put this into practice, you will perceive Me as a thief of your soul. However, these shocking encounters are Designed in training you to better recognize Me. The sooner you grasp this, the sooner we begin our friendship on a more human level. 


Did I not intend that all of this re-membering of My body was to take place first in the natural? But I’m not here to reform you, as the religion of man tries to do. 


You’re undergoing a complete regeneration from the Inside out; from a self-seeking autonomous orphan to an integrated Life giving Anatomy. Until then, you will endure seasons of curiosity and confusion about Me as we walk out this mystery together. But remember; I too, had to walk out My natural life by faith. 


This gradual awakening is not flawed in any way, so I urge you not to be dissuaded by the temporary chaos of this world. It is Providential that the natural should suffer a surrender to the permanent Life of the Spiritual. 


In Reality, your spirit is more natural than your physical existence, because it alone returns from whence you were First Born. 


This is the Fire I was Sent to start on this earth.” ~” P.R.

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