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Change, transition, change are all signs of Life for Life is dynamic, unfolding, changing.

Therefore wherever you are, it’s not where you were, and this my friend is the sign of Life, so may you be encouraged to press into the essence of Life, and embrace this journey with an open heart.

For what lays before us is wonder intrigue and Life.


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Living in the Darkness

Living a Lie

We each walk this earth believing a lie, we have been infected by the lie to the point of thinking it’s true.

Only the Living Word can set us free, casting out the lie in order to have Truth replacing the lie. This requires the insight of Christ to first reveal the lying spirit, and the authority to cast it out, all in the Name of Love.

A lie seems real until it dies.


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The Great Mystery

Two Mysteries

We each have two mysteries to unfold, the first is who we are, this isn’t who we think we are, it’s who we truly have be formed in our mothers womb to become. Only humility before our Father who formed us can this be understood, once again we are warned not to lean into our understanding. Our Father anxiously awaits our hearts to be open to this revelation for its His great pleasure to reveal this to each of us. Let go of who you think you are, and allow our Father to reveal your identity.

The second and most adventurous mystery to explore is our Fathers heart, here we find quickly a cloud of unknowing this is all by design, relax and embrace this for He will develop trust in your heart to understand this cloud of unknowing. Here we walk by Faith each day we learn to trust more deeply, and rely upon Him for our every need.

In this second mystery we find true humility and this is expressed in our condition before our Father, naked, empty handed and clear minded.


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True peace settles our past as it’s viewed through our Fathers eyes, it opens our hearts to abide in the moment regardless of our circumstances, and is clearly seen as our future.

What was, what is and what shall be, is understood through the Sovereignty of our Fathers heart.

Peace resolves and dissolves our pain, sorrow or perceived loss as we awaken unto the Sovereignty of our Father.

Peace is the means of true reconciliation, it’s the fruit of our oneness in Christ.

Peace can only be found in the beauty of Love.


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Imagine if you will a day man stood still, in every house man quiet as a mouse.

Imagine if you will a day in May when we do not say, but listen quietly.

Imagine if you will when the work of man stops for the work of God.

Imagine if you will that there is no lack nor want, and in being still we are fill.

Imagine if you will where death dies along with all the lies, and the skies open our eyes to Life.

You may say I’m a dreamer…but I know The One.


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Nothing Else Matters

Nothing else matters…

Pondering this most eventful year as it draws to a close, and in this there is one vital lesson, and it’s summed up in a word…relationship.

This vertical and horizontal relationship that we all share is for learning, experiencing and living Love.

For Love is our identity, our reality and our eternity.

Nothing else truly matters, or equates to our need to live Love.


This song says so much

Learn to Love

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Single Eye


There’s no true loss in the process of no longer I, for what must die is the double eyed perspective.

We must have our illusion and confusion seen for what it is in the Light of Love.

For Love alone casts out that which isn’t true in order to establish the True You in Christ.


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