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More Than Followers

Jesus said, “He who will drink from my mouth will become like me. I myself shall become he, and the things that are hidden will be revealed to him.”

We are to be far more than followers of Christ, for many during his walk on earth followed him, yet were far from his heart.

The above passage from the Gospel of Thomas indicates a very close, intimate relationship, and also indicates that from this relationship there is a transference as becoming at one with him.

Additionally this also indicates that in this intimate relationship hidden wisdom is communicated that otherwise is unseen or unknown.

We are commanded to Love the Lord our God, this Love is to become our very nature, and to Love as we are Loved requires a complete transformation which is exactly what is underway.

Mankind is being transformed, the old age of man is exiting and the Kingdom age is here, in this transformation man will become formed by the very hand of God to become in Gods likeness and image.

This is mankind’s GOOD NEWS!

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Into The Fire

The Fire

Love is the purifying Fire that swallows or displaces all the vain imaginations that have keep us blinded to the Pure Truth.

In the Light of Pure Truth only that which is True can stand or remain. In this Light we experience and see God purely as Love.

Pure Love is the very Nature of God, and mans destiny as man awakens unto the Truth of Love and the Truth of our reconciliation into Love becoming our nature also.


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“I Am doing something New…are you aware”

Beyond Compare

Do not treat prophecy with contempt Paul wrote, words to treasure in ones heart. For this Great Awakening is unparalleled, unprecedented and unknown in the mind of man, yet truly here and unfolding.

We can use analogies yet every analogy fails at some point, due to it being a shadow of Truth.

Cast away ones previous understanding for what and how The Holy Spirit is expressing today, become like a blank sheet of paper allowing God to write upon, become open, hungry, and sincere to hear Gods voice within your heart.

Man has never been here before therefore one must be supple in our Lords hands like moist clay on The Potters wheel, like a suckling babe, like the birds of the air that rejoice each morning, like the old has passed and this is a New Day.

Rejoice and be glad!


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Pain and it’s Divine Purpose

Eloquent words to ponder…

“We were created “beneath” the reality that we’ll soon be occupying. In reaching that end, there are two main forms of suffering we will endure:

The physical and emotional brutality from our fellow man;

The surrender of our own comfort and understanding as the Spirit within reveals this new Life.

Why is it designed this way? There’s an intimacy being developed through our suffering that would otherwise not take place. Without the contention between God and man, man and man, we would become mere robots.

Where is our promise that this chaos will work out for good? Well, that’s the apparent mystery hidden from us until God draws us into Himself. Until that time, we’re utterly pissed-off at Him.

There are no words that can satisfy the problem of suffering; only the encouragement that comes from those who have already been delivered through their own hell. They don’t expect to convince anyone, they’re merely releasing the hope that has grown in them. They’re already convinced that the One Who began this Work in our earthen vessels will finish it.

We communicate the good news of a better end to all things because that hope burns in our bones. If that message comes across as something man is responsible for, then we have yet to lay hold of the good news ourselves. We’d be merely quoting relevant Bible verses without the Power to back it up.

Nothing in this world is going to take credit for opening our eyes and ears. We’ll remain in this “lost” state until He “speaks” directly to us. And from the testimony of many who have gone before us, all the turmoil we experienced up until that time will fade away from our consciousness, but it’s very presence in our lives was vital in developing our unique relationship with God.

That’s what Jesus enabled when He sent His Spirit to us. We’ll know immediately that He was with us every single step of the way as we plowed through hell, never leaving our side for a moment.

When this world seemed to throw us away, Jesus was that friend that always stuck by us. Now we can understand what Paul meant by “the fellowship of suffering”. “

~ Paul Rodgers

“Only two things can reveal life’s greatest secrets: suffering and love.”

~ Anonymous

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The Beginning is Here

The End is The Beginning

The age of man has drawn to a close, with this one can rejoice and be glad to see death swallowed by Life, Light overwhelming darkness and Love replace anxiety, doubts and fears.

The end is actually the beginning, the beginning of an age filled with wonders, majesty, intrigue and unfolding beauty, for this age is what Abraham sought, the city who’s Author and Foundation is God.

One of the amazingly beautiful aspects of this unfolding age is that it includes one and all….ALL of mankind.

The reconciliation established by Christ Jesus can be seen with various expressions, yet one that conveys this without question of its meaning is the Shepherd seeking till he recovers every last sheep.

Take heart in the beauty of our Fathers good will to one and all, for He is the Father of ALL. Remembering that if we know how to bestow gifts unto our children…how much greater can our Fathers gifts be!

Rejoice as death to this age comes and as Life eternal comes forth in our Fathers Kingdom!


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Our Hunger

As one finds their awakening unfolding one finds this earthly realm lacking in depth, and one finds their hearts yearning for what is true, substantive or eternal.

This sets ones feet on a path where opposites become common, ones feet in the dust and ones heart in the Heavens. Where action and contemplation blend, where one finds Peace within action and Life within pondering, and where one is comfortable in both action and pondering.

All of which is in our walk of Faith and our sojourn home, as one gains deeper appreciation for what it means to be a true Hebrew, as our father Abraham set the example.


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The Works of Faith

Faith and Works

As it is correctly stated Faith without works is dead, lifeless or unfruitful.

There is significant confusion about what this truly means, the true meaning of Faith and works is found internally. The works are expressed in the transition from the ways of man into The Way of God.

Here one experiences the workmanship of our Lords hands as He leads and guides one into the awakening of ones heart unto the separation from the darkness of ones thinking into the Truth of God.

In this transition we move from glory unto glory all by Faith working within ones heart.

This Living Faith opens ones heart to true hope, hope that transcends this earthly realm, hope that the fullness of Love is manifest within ones life.

For when Faith and Hope have achieved the intended works…Love, the very Nature of God brings one into His Resurrection where one truly becomes a New Creation, one in Spirit and Truth found in Gods likeness and image.

This is mankind’s Destiny all by the workmanship of our Lords hands.


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