How Long…

05 Jan

How long…

How long will man and his religious spirit kick against the pricks, causing man nothing more than more emptiness, pain and confusion.

The mechanical ‘church’ with its black and white literal expression grieves my heart deeply as it does the heart of our Father.

As it was it is today, Jesus didn’t have an issue with the Jews, his issue was with their literal or mechanical approach to life and how they were teaching others to do the same. Fast forward a few thousand years and we find the same spirit at work in what man calls church.

What was wrong is wrong today, I have no issues with the folks trapped in bondage, I’ve been there and have a t shirt, but I do have a huge issue with the spirit that’s using Gods children and the mass confusion it causes.

Deliverance is at hand just as the tables were overturned and the money changers cast out, today this is underway all to clear the air once and for all that our Fathers house is a house of prayer in Spirit and Truth.

A New Day has dawned upon us may we have hearts supple in our Fathers hands that we may have the humility to allow for the workmanship of His hands.


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