My Heart

13 Jan


In the past I’ve struggled mightily with my understanding of America and my place in or out of it.

As a kid I bought it hook line and sinker, enlisting in the military straight out of High School…this was the beginning of the end…the end of my patriotic ties to America. One night while walking on the flight deck I pondered why was a participating in the killing of the people of Vietnam that had never done me wrong…I wept.

I could no longer with a clear conscience support a system that was based upon lies, greed, and lust…my American Dream that I had clung to came to a horrific crash.

This was my time of transition, moving from the earthly realm of chaos and confusion into our Fathers heart and His Kingdom. This was no small step nor a quick fix, yet in His Grace this transition has had a profound impact upon my life.

Today while my feet walk this earth my heart is anchored securely in our Fathers heart and His Kingdom, which is all of mankind’s true hope and future.

In the past few nights I’ve began watching the PBS series Vietnam…it’s gut wrenching to see from an objective perspective what a hellish experience this was for all parties on every side.

America has blood on her hands and it will indeed be atoned for.

Regardless of which party or which person is in office it’s a corrupt machine that will not stand in the Light of Day.

Our Lords heart cries out…”come out of her my people” this her is the ways of this world and a calling unto one and all to find our true citizenship in our Fathers heart and His Kingdom.


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