Pain and it’s Divine Purpose

20 Jan

Eloquent words to ponder…

“We were created “beneath” the reality that we’ll soon be occupying. In reaching that end, there are two main forms of suffering we will endure:

The physical and emotional brutality from our fellow man;

The surrender of our own comfort and understanding as the Spirit within reveals this new Life.

Why is it designed this way? There’s an intimacy being developed through our suffering that would otherwise not take place. Without the contention between God and man, man and man, we would become mere robots.

Where is our promise that this chaos will work out for good? Well, that’s the apparent mystery hidden from us until God draws us into Himself. Until that time, we’re utterly pissed-off at Him.

There are no words that can satisfy the problem of suffering; only the encouragement that comes from those who have already been delivered through their own hell. They don’t expect to convince anyone, they’re merely releasing the hope that has grown in them. They’re already convinced that the One Who began this Work in our earthen vessels will finish it.

We communicate the good news of a better end to all things because that hope burns in our bones. If that message comes across as something man is responsible for, then we have yet to lay hold of the good news ourselves. We’d be merely quoting relevant Bible verses without the Power to back it up.

Nothing in this world is going to take credit for opening our eyes and ears. We’ll remain in this “lost” state until He “speaks” directly to us. And from the testimony of many who have gone before us, all the turmoil we experienced up until that time will fade away from our consciousness, but it’s very presence in our lives was vital in developing our unique relationship with God.

That’s what Jesus enabled when He sent His Spirit to us. We’ll know immediately that He was with us every single step of the way as we plowed through hell, never leaving our side for a moment.

When this world seemed to throw us away, Jesus was that friend that always stuck by us. Now we can understand what Paul meant by “the fellowship of suffering”. “

~ Paul Rodgers

“Only two things can reveal life’s greatest secrets: suffering and love.”

~ Anonymous

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