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What is Truth?

What is Truth? What is the purpose of Life? How does one know?

Questions that are indeed more than valid they are seeking the Truth of all one must possess to embrace Life in its fullest sense.

And I can only speak from my experience, that seeking Truth is vital in my walk.

Truth is the crux, the point or the quest that I’ve found to be without equal in importance. Followed closely by Faith which by Grace comes unto a humbled heart. Humility is a gift that is unwrapped by the school of hard knocks.

This schooling in humility is a deep well one that we must draw from over and over.

The issue is quite simply how one thinks, for human reasoning is opposed to Truth by default.

Faith is the opposite of human reasoning and the means to begin to depart from human nature.

What lies within each and every person is the answer, Christ our hope of glory and His Kingdom.

By Faith one overcomes all that’s opposed to this a Treasure within.

Faith has an eventuality, a New Reality that has always been true, our security within God and His Righteousness and the second birth that He alone grants one by His perfect will.

So in my walk it’s being humbled by ones thinking, seeking God and finding Grace for Faith to walk away from all that’s false into His Kingdom and the gift of being found in His likeness and image all by His Spirit a New Creation.

Luke 15: 11~32….seems to express this journey very well.


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Gods Judgement and Mans Deliverance

The Law of God and Man

The law is given unto man to reveal two points

The absolute righteousness of the law giver, and mans absolute inability to live within the law due to mankind’s rebellious nature.

Law is additionally to maintain order where man exists. This is to teach man a lesson man will never forget, that outside of Gods perfect nature there is chaos, confusion and despair.

This is all in order for man to come to see mans absolute need for deliverance from his ways, and his rebellious nature.

This is only possible by man becoming born again in Spirit and Truth. This transformation process is the separation of mans thinking and the awakening into the very mind of God.

In this man finds Gods judgement is very just, kind and perfect, for in the Fire of Gods judgement man is set free from that which was never true about man, and awakens unto the Truth of God and His Kingdom which was always present yet due to mans darkness he was blind to understanding.

“But of the Son,






Hebrews 1:8, 9

The Son of God is the righteous judgement of God.

His judgement is just for as God He walked this earth in human form. He came not to abolish the Law but to fulfill the Law, and to provide all of mankind the Way to become like Him in Spirit and Truth…righteous.

This once again displays mans transformation and man being established with the nature of the King and His Kingdom.

Gods Loving Judgement will provide man the release from futility and the complete transformation into the pure and Holy nature of God, Love.


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Dead Weight

The reasoning of one and ones thoughts are dead weight that one carries without even understanding that ones thinking is dead, and weighing one down, binding one like Lazarus was bound.

The Truth of God thats being reconciled within ones heart unwraps the grave clothes of ones thinking and enabling one to move in harmony with the Great Movement of God thats underway at this very moment.

Blessed are they that can see what God is accomplishing today.


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He Makes ALL Things New

Walking in the Fire of His judgement one finds strongholds are challenged and by Faithful obedience they disappear.

Only to bring to our awareness of deeper seated strongholds, even ones that in our reasoning mind are true, and have served us in our walk. Yet when He brings these positions or knowledge to bare in His judgement they must be seen as what they are, roadblocks to deeper revelations of God and His Way.

One must see the Mighty Movement of God as it truly is, moving one from the former and lesser experiences and understanding of God into what He is doing NOW. And now trumps the past regardless of what one thinks.

This Mighty Movement of God strips man bare of man’s reasoning mind, for the Kingdom of God will not have an ounce, a dot or a speck of man’s nature in it. Gods wrath will ensure this, and man will be completely purged of his foolish traditions, doctrines and evil ways, all for man to once and for all time truly live in Liberty from the plague of his thinking.

What has always been true about man will become completely transformed into man’s nature, and in this one sees exactly what it means to be born again.

There isn’t a person on the planet that as of yet is born again, for if there were, the whole world would know by the works of God that would prove one’s transformation.

So take heart the old order is passing through the Fire and on the other side man enters Gods New Covenant with man, and this is validated by man’s birth into Gods Kingdom.

This is absolutely the Truth of Gods Love for one and all.


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The Only Infallibility of Scripture

One sees that scripture is highly valuable only when God Himself draws our attention to it and brings it to Life in ones being.

This is where the infallibility of scripture is established. Therefore leaving man out of the picture. What He chooses to reveal is indeed revelation, all by His hands and in His timing.

This defeats the mind of man which is the throne of the beast and false prophet.

For His Kingdom to be established within one the beast of ones nature or mindset and ones tendencies for religious doctrines symbolic of the false prophet must be turned to dust and ashes, all by the inward Lake of Fire in which one sees this transpire in Faith.


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Dust and Ashes

Dust to dust ashes to ashes is an appropriate description of what becomes of ones thinking in Light of Gods inward revelation as one by Faith allows God to define Himself.

God in a flash of Light can bring ones thoughts to utter destruction all for the purpose of establishing His Kingdom within.

In the Fire of His wrath one finds the ever benevolent God rescuing one from ones thoughts all to establish one in Truth.

In this process of Faith, one despairs of all that is false within ones thinking and clings fiercely to God and His revelation coupled with the workmanship of His hands.

This Fire will burn until a point where by Faith ones reality is matched harmoniously in Gods Word.


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Revelation by Faith

“Revelation by the Spirit of God makes known one’s current state in Him, and is the only accurate interpretation of the Scriptures that there is. One’s current state in Him is also the Kingdom of God within.

Revelation is the disclosure of that which was previously hidden. It’s the disclosure of those things that renew one’s mind to them!

The Kingdom of God within one is veiled by the reasoning of man (unbelief). However, when Revelation is disclosed to one it bears witness to something much GREATER, than the interpretation of the Scriptures that makes logical sense to the mind of man. This bearing witness of Revelation to something much greater is the activity that UNVEILS the Kingdom within!


The finished work of God isn’t an interpretation of the Scriptures according to man, but is His very Power in one that little by little becomes uncovered, until it’s all that remains in the one whose been unveiled in the very SAME image, and is how the Kingdom is in full given to one.

Man interpreting the Scriptures by his own reasoning only has the ability to see them as events of the past, because man by his own understanding is VOID of God. It’s only God Himself who can cause His Power to be unveiled one, and at the same time make known to one that it is the true state of one’s being.

It’s only one’s acknowledgment of God and interaction with Him, that has the ability to breath life in one to the point in which one has fully become, the very thing that one has always desired and longed for!”        ~ Nancy Sampson


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