Perfect Love

07 Feb

True Love

Our Fathers heart is Pure beyond ones comprehension at this time, we ALL are in various stages of awakening unto our Father and the meaningful expression of His Life.

What transpires in this awakening is we relate to the expression of Love with an imperfect understanding, yet at whatever stage we are at this level of understanding is the best we have…at the moment, and the moment is really all we truly ever have.

In this awakening Love draws one into seeking to see, hear and understand more of our Fathers wisdom, this sets one on a one track journey to know Love, for Love is the essence, the expression and the one word scripture uses to describe our Father.

In this journey by Faith one must shed the imperfect to understand the perfect, this is the death to our human based reasoning, and the unfettered openness before our Father, yearning only for His Spirit to transform one into His likeness and image. Here humility is beyond words in value, we must be teachable and responsive to His perfect will and the workmanship of His hands.

In this walk of Faith there is indeed a tipping point, where our Fathers heart and His expression overwhelms ones heart, and like a purifying Fire ones heart has the dross of human based thoughts purged for the Purity of our Fathers Love.

This is His perfect will for one and ALL, and nothing nor no one will be able to resist His Perfect Love, it’s simply irresistible in every way.

Blessings upon your journey into our Fathers heart and the transformation that is only possible through ones walk of Faith through Christ.

Blessings to one and ALL!

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