The HEART of the Matter

09 Feb

His Heart

I treasure the expressions of the “heart” for in this we find a confirmation or validation to Christ is us, and He (Christ) is the fullness of the expression of our Father (The Source of Life) and the expression of our Fathers heart.

As one awakens unto the heart within one they, begin the process of harmonic tuning, similar to what musicians do to tune their voice or instruments to a particular tune or frequency. Our heart is tuned, in harmony with the heart of our Father, this is in terms of scripture the ministry of reconciliation. One can only see or experience this in Faith.

Faith is the way ones heart becomes tuned into our Fathers heart, and Faith is the way of our completion to this earthly existence and the return in Spirit and Truth into our Fathers heart. The seemingly unexplainable paradox is….we truly never have left our Fathers heart, for in His Love this is impossible, yet in our thinking we indeed did depart or separate, this separation was the outcome of Adam’s rebellion, and it touches everything and everyone.

It’s in the deadness of ones thinking…the heart can serve as the source, the means or The Way to see beyond the physical into that which is true…our Fathers heart and our ever increasing awareness of our security therein and the sanctuary we find there.

Our hearts must find rest in the Living Truth of our Fathers Love and His perfect will for one and all to be reconciled into His heart…our mind is our greatest enemy to the Truth.

I spent the day yesterday photographing birds, it was like a mission, and I devoted much of my day doing so, they are elusive creatures and it requires patience to capture their image.

At the end of the day yesterday our Father expressed this day was photographing His invisible yet ever present expression, the day concluded with this sunset.


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