The Purpose of Man

13 Feb

Mans purpose in life is quite simple, and deeply profound. It is to awaken unto God our Father, and allow God to be everything God so desires to become in man, which is to transform man into Gods likeness and image.

In this transformation process man is to become 100% submitted to the workmanship of Gods hands and His PERFECT will for man and to awaken to Gods perfect will, and by Faith for mans heart to be firmly set on the transformation process.

Man eventually sees that nothing outside of Gods will is desirable and that everything within Gods will is highly desirable, to the point mans heart desires to be overwhelmed by God and His will.

In this man and God become one in heart and purpose and man awakens to deeply treasure Gods Living Word as mans food, sustenance and expression.

Jesus expressed man and mans purpose perfectly, and became mans vehicle or way to fulfill mans purpose.


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