Revelation by Faith

25 Feb

“Revelation by the Spirit of God makes known one’s current state in Him, and is the only accurate interpretation of the Scriptures that there is. One’s current state in Him is also the Kingdom of God within.

Revelation is the disclosure of that which was previously hidden. It’s the disclosure of those things that renew one’s mind to them!

The Kingdom of God within one is veiled by the reasoning of man (unbelief). However, when Revelation is disclosed to one it bears witness to something much GREATER, than the interpretation of the Scriptures that makes logical sense to the mind of man. This bearing witness of Revelation to something much greater is the activity that UNVEILS the Kingdom within!


The finished work of God isn’t an interpretation of the Scriptures according to man, but is His very Power in one that little by little becomes uncovered, until it’s all that remains in the one whose been unveiled in the very SAME image, and is how the Kingdom is in full given to one.

Man interpreting the Scriptures by his own reasoning only has the ability to see them as events of the past, because man by his own understanding is VOID of God. It’s only God Himself who can cause His Power to be unveiled one, and at the same time make known to one that it is the true state of one’s being.

It’s only one’s acknowledgment of God and interaction with Him, that has the ability to breath life in one to the point in which one has fully become, the very thing that one has always desired and longed for!”        ~ Nancy Sampson


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