He Makes ALL Things New

27 Feb

Walking in the Fire of His judgement one finds strongholds are challenged and by Faithful obedience they disappear.

Only to bring to our awareness of deeper seated strongholds, even ones that in our reasoning mind are true, and have served us in our walk. Yet when He brings these positions or knowledge to bare in His judgement they must be seen as what they are, roadblocks to deeper revelations of God and His Way.

One must see the Mighty Movement of God as it truly is, moving one from the former and lesser experiences and understanding of God into what He is doing NOW. And now trumps the past regardless of what one thinks.

This Mighty Movement of God strips man bare of man’s reasoning mind, for the Kingdom of God will not have an ounce, a dot or a speck of man’s nature in it. Gods wrath will ensure this, and man will be completely purged of his foolish traditions, doctrines and evil ways, all for man to once and for all time truly live in Liberty from the plague of his thinking.

What has always been true about man will become completely transformed into man’s nature, and in this one sees exactly what it means to be born again.

There isn’t a person on the planet that as of yet is born again, for if there were, the whole world would know by the works of God that would prove one’s transformation.

So take heart the old order is passing through the Fire and on the other side man enters Gods New Covenant with man, and this is validated by man’s birth into Gods Kingdom.

This is absolutely the Truth of Gods Love for one and all.


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