What is Truth?

28 Feb

What is Truth? What is the purpose of Life? How does one know?

Questions that are indeed more than valid they are seeking the Truth of all one must possess to embrace Life in its fullest sense.

And I can only speak from my experience, that seeking Truth is vital in my walk.

Truth is the crux, the point or the quest that I’ve found to be without equal in importance. Followed closely by Faith which by Grace comes unto a humbled heart. Humility is a gift that is unwrapped by the school of hard knocks.

This schooling in humility is a deep well one that we must draw from over and over.

The issue is quite simply how one thinks, for human reasoning is opposed to Truth by default.

Faith is the opposite of human reasoning and the means to begin to depart from human nature.

What lies within each and every person is the answer, Christ our hope of glory and His Kingdom.

By Faith one overcomes all that’s opposed to this a Treasure within.

Faith has an eventuality, a New Reality that has always been true, our security within God and His Righteousness and the second birth that He alone grants one by His perfect will.

So in my walk it’s being humbled by ones thinking, seeking God and finding Grace for Faith to walk away from all that’s false into His Kingdom and the gift of being found in His likeness and image all by His Spirit a New Creation.

Luke 15: 11~32….seems to express this journey very well.


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