The Age of Man and the Kingdom of God

03 Mar

Man has come to the end of his age and in this our ever Benevolent Father is separating his creation from all that is false for the awareness and awakening unto all that is Truth.

As our brother Paul states for all to here;

“…Rather, let God be found true, though every man be found a liar, as it is written…”

Mankind has existed under the influences of human reasoning, and even when this reasoning is brought into question due to man’s vast limitations human reasoning is used to determine what is true and what isn’t. Yet in this there is nothing but human reasoning.

Religious man then uses scripture in effort to rise above human reasoning, but once again man uses human reasoning to strive to rise above his human reasoning.

This cycle goes on and on, yet by our Merciful and Righteous God man is being awakened unto God and The Living Word, for this is the only source of Truth.

In this God is bringing all of mankind’s works into and under Gods righteous judgement and man will be purified from all that plagues man, and once and for all be set free from the error of his ways, and transformed into Gods righteous Nature, born again but this time by and through the very will and workmanship of God.

In all of the many parables given in scripture they point to this righteous separating, the wheat and chaff, sheep and goats, wheat and tares, Jew and Gentile all are symbolic expressions of this righteous judgement separating man from what was always false man’s reasoning, and awakening man to see what was and is always true about man, the Kingdom of God.

Man cannot reason his way into the Kingdom, regardless of man’s efforts, nor can man simply state that man has arrived where man sees from scripture God is expressing man’s destination.

The only Way into Gods Kingdom is through His workmanship within man, where God alone establishes man by His Word and by Faith man moves into agreement with God.

Those that are in the Fire understand the depths of Gods purification process, for God is relentless in separating ones thoughts from ones thinking all in order to establish one in God Kingdom.

This workmanship leaves no stone of man’s temple left on top of another, just as the Temple in earthly Jerusalem was brought to dust ones thinking will incur the same demolition all for the purpose of man’s total reconciliation and resurrection in Spirit and Truth.

Today God is shaking the foundations of man’s world all for the Divine purpose of the establishment of Gods Kingdom, and this is absolutely taking place here and now and will continue until God removes all the stench of man’s ways from his creation, leaving man in pristine condition a New Creation.


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