God, Man and the Kingdom

06 Mar

God is about to bestow upon man Gods great gift, His Kingdom.

In the wisdom of God there is a requirement for man prior to entrance and that is by Faith to overcome all that is opposed to God and His Kingdom, which is the very nature of man.

God will not bestow this great and precious gift upon man without man understanding its value and gaining the personal experience of seeing Gods workmanship develop man, setting man free from corruption, vanity and the futility of mans ways. This is all as man enters by Faith the righteous judgement of God and allows God to define the way in which this work will be accomplished.

This is mans true interaction with God, in this man develops a great awe and profound appreciation for the Love of God thats expressed in this transformation process.

From this profoundly intimate experience mans thinking is completely transformed, and God becomes very very real to man, so real that mans thinking is permanently transformed to the point that mans nature and Gods Nature are One.

The Great Movement of God awakens man to this transformation process and man will see his need to embrace it with openness and humility.

Man will soon see the Fruit of Gods workmanship manifest.

This Great Movement of God is all to His Praise Glory and Honor!


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