Faith Comes by Hearing

20 Mar

I’ve heard and by Faith understood our transformation.

He spoke so clearly with Words that were clear as glass, and deeper the the ocean.

Faith comes from hearing God speak and from this one sees so clearly that Faith is for one true purpose, ones Salvation, and ones birth by His Word, becoming a New Creation.

Faith and only Faith is ones means of seeing that which outside of Faith is completely hidden.

Faith has nothing to do with our thinking, reasoning or efforts, for Faith can only come from God, for Gods purpose, and this is for ones Salvation. By Faith God brings death to ones human sinful nature. And only by Faith can one is birthed into the realm of God all by and through the very hands of God, and His timing.

Faith is within one yet is beyond ones nature for Faith is Gods gift unto one all for Gods Divine Will.

Faith must be exercised in order for one to turn completely from ones thinking and rely totally upon and in the gift of Faith, that only comes from God.

It is written and thus true;

It is impossible to please God apart from Faith.

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