You, God and ‘the man of sin’

10 Apr

God subjected all of creation unto futility in hope for God alone sees the end of a matter before it begins for God is Sovereign and works all things together for our good, ALL THINGS!

In this condition of futility the god of this age cloaks all in darkness, there was but one Christ Jesus that was set apart from this, yet even He learned obedience by the things He suffered, this all was within the wisdom of God.

The ‘man of sin’ is the author of All mankind’s woes, travails and confusion mankind is a puppet in his influence and we all can attest to this in one way or another.

It’s God who brings this ‘man of sin’ out in the open, for man must see what the source of his actions are before he can be set free from this influence.

Man enters into God’s judgement the guilt of sin is squarely placed where it belongs the Beast nature or satan is condemned, yet man is still left with the influences, strongholds that came from this experience.

This is why God states there is no condemnation or as Paul stated also God is no longer holding man’s sins against him, for in Christ the god of this world was judged and held accountable for all sin, this is why the Blood of Christ can cleanse one.

In the judgement of God one finds that His Reconciliation is all about removal of the impact sin has had upon one, and the fire of His judgement separates all that was never not true about one (the Kingdom of God within) from all that was always untrue the strongholds, and reasoning mindsets we all have operated by previously.

So in the outcome by God’s Salvation you are completely atone in God all by His Grace and Faith birthing you as a New Creation in Spirit and Truth. And the weight of sin is placed upon the head of satan.

Complete atonement with God and you, and complete condemnation of sin upon the author of sin.

This is the living story of you, God and ‘the man of sin’ where there is a beautiful ending and a eternal beginning in the realm of God.

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