Deliverance in Salvation

19 Apr

Salvation is complete deliverance from every false way, every thought action or deed that is other than solely of God.

David saw this and in scripture it’s recorded his plea unto God for deliverance from all that was impure, or false.

“Therefore I esteem all Thy precepts concerning all things to be right; every false way I hate.”

The process that leads one into Salvation is exactly what is expressed in David’s comment; the precepts of God as they are opened unto one become more precious than refined gold, for the Word of God is Life. Everything outside of God and His Word is nothing, non existent.

Therefore Salvation is the process of one being established within the very Word of God and the sifting out of everything that is not of God, every false way or expression.

This false way is the summation of the way of man, none of mankind’s ways or reasoning enters God’s realm of Life.

Salvation is the only means for entrance into the promise of God, which is His Kingdom, all are promised therefore all will see God’s workmanship and Salvation.

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