Living By Faith

30 Apr

In the beginning The Word spoke the creation into existence, this physical creation serves God’s purpose as a platform for man in God recreating Himself.

From the dust of the earth man was formed and came to life by the very breath of God. Mans creation in this earthly realm serves God’s design for mankind’s ultimate destiny and to God’s Glory.

Man is designed to live by Faith, for its only by Faith that man can see the ever present yet unseen God.

It’s only by Faith that man encounters God and in and through Faith man begins to relate to God, for its only by Faith that man can please God.

Just as the Word spoke creation into existence, its mans destiny to be established in The Word, by Faith. For Faith comes from hearing The Word of God. Hearing The Word and moving by Faith in obedience unto The Word is how Faith becomes established within ones being.

It’s by Faith that man enters the realm of God, and is eternally established within The Word of God, by Faith.

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