The Creation Speaks

30 Apr

The creation speaks of The Creator and the intricacies of God’s creative power, in this man can begin to see beyond what man can know, that God’s display of power is beyond mans ability to comprehend.

As man observes the display its through the veil of obscurity for the invisible attributes of God cannot be discerned by mans finite mind, for God’s ways are profoundly higher and magnificent than mans reasoning mind can comprehend.

In this man begins to see the creation as a shadow of God’s attributes and Nature, all for the purpose of man relating to God. For God is Spirit and only as man awakens unto God by Gods workmanship can man begin to see the unseen God.

God had designed man to become something beyond mans ability to understand or accomplish, this designed intent is for man to become like God in Spirit and Truth. For man to be established within God and His Word.

Heaven and earth will pass yet God’s Word is eternal therefore man will be established within that which is eternal, all to the Praise and Glory of The One True Creator God.

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One response to “The Creation Speaks

  1. Pam Frazier

    April 30, 2018 at 9:49 am

    Jim, I really like this. This is a beautiful Truth. Bless you brother



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