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God and His Word

All of mankind is on the verge of seeing the unending goodness and kindness of God.

In a way that only God can accomplish His will for all mankind will not only be known it will be accomplished in a manner that will for all eternity be praised all to the Glory of His Love!

Before the beginning, prior to the creation being spoken into existence God saw this display of His Power and Love and the Way was established all by His Word.

God is Faithful and True, His Word is Absolute Truth and He watches over His Word to accomplish it in full.

When God spoke that man was created in His likeness and image this was indeed True, that manner God accomplishes this is all by His hands and timing, and man is about to see this fulfilled completely.

Nothing is beyond God’s ability, we all are about to experience this!

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The One True God

There is only God, and God is Light, there is only Light and no darkness. For there is nothing outside of God.

What man calls darkness is sleep, no one can awaken without God shaking them awake. This is all according to His Sovereignty, nothing happens outside of God’s Sovereignty.

God is the One True God of all. Light will awaken all of the sleeping in Gods timing, and all will become Light as God is Light.

This is God’s will for all and all will taste, see and know God’s kindness and unending goodness for all eternity and beyond.

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For This is Love

To have ones thinking not only challenged but corrected is not always pleasant yet profitable. Reconciliation is the process of embracing what is true and the release from error.

Discipline in the hands of God is never punitive but restorative, all for the purpose of reconciliation between one and God. Reconciliation is a process that yields a precious outcome all in and through the workmanship of God’s hands.

Man often bristles at correction and considers his point of view to be accurate. The Spirit searches all things and the Word of God is precise, pure and Truth.

There is absolutely no value whatsoever in holding onto error, the traditions of man or his doctrines, and there is nothing but Good in receiving and embracing Gods righteous judgement, for this is Love.

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“It’s as Good as done”

The Kingdom of God is the reality of our Fathers perspective, as God looks upon man it’s with this perspective that man is seen in.

When God cried out “IT IS FINISHED” this was God speaking over mankind, for the Way into The Kingdom was guaranteed by the very Nature of God.

What is very soon to transpire is mans awareness to the Truth of God, that all are found and established within God’s Eternal Kingdom.

When God expressed “Love you neighbor as yourself” and “Love your enemies as yourself” this was expressing that all are seen with equal value and position, all within the Kingdom of God.

Very soon God is going to manifest His Sons upon earth, and this will be the spark that sets the family of man on course to complete Salvation and entrance into the realm that has always been true regarding man.

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Children of Light

It is God’s infinite goodness and kindness to bring all into His Truth, and thus this will indeed come to pass, for His Love never fails to yield His perfect will for one and all.

The Truth of God is expressed as Light and in Light nothing is hidden and all is revealed by Light.

The Kingdom of God is also the Kingdom of Light, for the realm of God is Pure, Holy and transparent. Here one sees as one is seen by God, and one knows as one is known by God.

In this realm of Life there is unending Joy, Praise and Thanksgiving for there is nothing that will hurt or destroy what God has established in His Kingdom.

God is Light and all His children are created in His likeness and image therefore all are Light bearers in Spirit and Truth.

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The Truth Sets One Free

Stress, fear, anxiety and doubts are all a product of the human nature and its reasoning, assumptions and thoughts.

God in His infinite goodness delivers one from this condition all through the process of developing Faith with ones being, Faith in the Word of God.

This process is the renewal of ones mind, the separation of the false for the awareness of Truth.

Truth is never anything but Truth, it never fails or falters, Truth is always True. Truth is only sourced from God and reveals Gods perspective and value of ones being.

It’s by Faith that God draws one out of their human based thinking into His Truth, for only Truth can set one free from all unbelief, doubt or worry.

It is God’s infinite goodness and kindness to bring all into His Truth, and thus this will indeed come to pass, for His Love never fails to yield His perfect will for one and all.

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