The True You

22 Jun

Your true identity isn’t defined by what you see or think, and what one carries is actually two realms, one of this world or earthly and the other of God and His Kingdom. One realm must perish or pass so the true realm can be seen and become ones reality in harmony with God.

The human realm is in direct opposition to God, for its foundation is of the human mind and this nature is in complete rebellion to God and can never be anything else. This realm is one of sleep and darkness in regards to the Truth and ones true identity.

The human realm must be shaken, disturbed and found lacking, this is all by the will of God. One must come to understand that the ways of man are not the Way of God, and that darkness cannot comprehend Light and Light always overwhelms darkness.

The true you is what is stated by Truth, and Truth is only found in the Living Word. The true you is sourced and secure within The Kingdom of God, where nothing but Peace, Joy and Goodness define this realm of Life.

God is actively working to awaken all mankind to His Truth and in this to bring mankind into harmony with His Truth. All by exposing and removing the false to reveal what was Never Not True of You, your security within His Kingdom and how God sees you.

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