Truth & Love

22 Jun

To know Love is to know Truth and in knowing Truth one is established in Love.

To know Truth is to be shaken by God and to embrace His Loving judgement of one. This is where one finds that God is a consuming Fire, for in His judgement the false is consumed, in order to reveal His Truth. This is a process that is very uncomfortable to ones thinking nonetheless leads to greater awareness of God and His Truth.

It’s only in His Truth that one can begin to understand Love. For Love is Pure, Holy and Light.

At this point Truth and Love are at best only known in part yet when God’s fullness comes one will know as one has always been known, see as one has always been seen from God’s perspective .

This is very soon to be displayed for all to see and embrace, for God is bringing the age of man to its conclusion and awakening mankind to His realm of Life, the Kingdom of God.

In this realm man will truly find the Way to Peace and Goodwill to all, as man enters God’s realm of Life, Truth and Love, and is eternally thankful for the Love of God manifest within one as ones very identity and being.

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