The Sword of Truth

01 Jul

The separation that God is accomplishing within one is the removal of all that one has believed to be sound, true and real for the awakening, and the awareness of Truth, which is His Word and His Word alone.

The separation is of the soul where our human based reasoning mind is the operator. Here is where ones thinking assumes what is true, this is where the god of this world operates. This reasoning is and never has been true of one in the realm of The One True God. Therefore this thinking must be overcome by Truth.

What is True is the Kingdom of God within you, this is exactly how God sees and relates to you. It’s your true identity that cannot be tarnished nor diminished. For darkness cannot ever enter Light.

The testing of ones Faith is all for the purpose of one becoming fully established in Truth. This is all by the workmanship of His hands, and all to the Praise of His Glory.

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