The Testing of Faith

01 Jul

Nothing is hidden from His sight, all things in the dark recesses of our thoughts are plainly seen by God.

In the testing of our Faith these thoughts are exposed, first so we can see the sin that is crouched at the door, secondly for the awareness that this is not our true identity and thirdly so it can be overcome.

Overcoming is all by Faith, we see by experience that we can come boldly to the Throne of Grace with our weakness and lay them at the feet of our a Faithful High Priest, Christ Jesus.

It is by His Might and Power alone one is set free from the bondage of ones thinking. This is where a very intimate relationship is established between one and God.

Overcoming is the process of experiencing the Sword of Truth separating the wheat from the tares, the lies we have been in bondage to for the Truth of our identity, which is in the Kingdom of God and His Word.

Struggling with sin is the indicator that one is striving to overcome by ones reasoning.

Faith exercised simply and profoundly IS, for Faith is of The Spirit and not of our reasoning or thinking.

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