07 Jul

Reconciliation is the very heart of our Father at work within all mankind, this without fail will accomplish all that God has for mankind, a true and eternal Peace, Oneness in God and with all of mankind. Where ALL are truly at Peace and ALL by the Goodness of our Father and our Lord Christ Jesus.

Reconciliation first is one with God, and from this one by God to ALL mankind, only God can be ALL things to ALL mankind.

Scripture expresses this abundantly, how God working in man transforms what once was lacking to become fulfilled. All by God’s Great Love for man.

Jacob and Esau were reconciled, Joseph and his brothers had a reunion that brought all to tears of joy, Naomi after great trials held her grandson and knew God had provided here reconciliation, she was no longer Mara but Naomi. Saul of Tarsus became Paul and demonstrated Gods reconciliation to one and all.

Reconciliation removes all offense and bitterness, in this one sees firsthand that ALL things work together for good, as God brings together that which was strained or broken within ones thinking, in order for one to see there truly never was anything lacking or broken. This is God’s reconciliation process transforming ones mind.

Only God can accomplish reconciliation, yet as this transpires one finds that there is True Beauty for ones ashes.

Reconciliation removes the pain of ones past for the Peace of God displayed in one that is beyond human understanding.

Reconciliation will indeed bring ALL into Perfect Love, this is the goal of Reconciliation. In Perfect Love ALL will be established, for in Perfect Love, God is ALL and in ALL.

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