Righteous Judgement

02 Nov

The only judgement that bears Life is the judgement of the Lord our God, His judgement is clear, concise and constant, for God alone is capable of justly judging man.

In God’s perfect righteousness He sees all in the same Light, righteous and His beloved.

Mans unbelief cannot fathom the beauty of God’s righteous judgement, man sifts himself and his fellow man according to the way he sees as right and wrong. It’s from this position of darkness that upheaval, conflict and confusion are sourced.

The thinking of man must become transformed from the dominion of darkness into the Truth of the One True God.

Unbelief (mans thinking) is the veil of obscurity between mans thoughts and God. It’s the will of God for man to turn to God and for this obscurity to become overwhelmed by the Light of Truth.

This requires a separation of mans soul based thinking and the awakening unto Truth. It’s the putting away the pointing finger, of speaking falsely, and of laying ones will down (the denial of ones self)for the Perfect will of God.

Regardless of what man thinks unbelief is only displaced by the Power of God. Man is equipped by God to tap into this Power all by exercising the Faith given man by God.

God’s Grace unto man is for this very purpose. Its by Grace (the absolute goodness of God) man turns unto God, forsaking the dirt of mans thinking, all for the very Power and will of God to ultimately transform man into God’s likeness and image.


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