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The Purpose of Pain..

Pain is often the precursor to emptiness, emptiness is the precursor to Light, Life & Love.  

Never look a gift horse in the mouth, even if it’s intent is to throw ya, remember it’s a gift.


A swift kick can be more meaningful than a kiss from a fickle ‘friend’.


What seems to be and often is our enemy is designed to humble us in order to understand life. 


Your and my transition team is made up of folks that play for the opposing team, love them for they carry a message.


“But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you..”



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All Things…

The Traitor and the Lover  

Without the kiss of Judas, there wasn’t the embrace of Mary three days later. 


All things work together for our good as we submit unto His hands.



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To Deeply and Truly Know…

Woke up this morning with the title of this song being expressed. (See Link below)

Our Lord of all Life and the Author of Love deeply desires us to know deeply, clearly and unquestionably that each of us “feels His Love”. 

The depths of His expression will transform all we know and understand about Light, Life & Love. 


Make You Feel My Love

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Eyes to See the Unseen 

The Eyes of a Child 
With the eyes of a child we can see beyond what we see, we can know beyond what man can teach, we can Love beyond anything we have ever known.
With the eyes of a child we can see beyond our physical limitations, inclinations and frustrations into a realm of Light where time, distance and space melt into the ever present now, here we find rest, rest that is in abiding in His Love, drinking from the cup He holds as we recline against His bosom, listening only to His beating Heart, knowing the comfort of His embrace.
Here our past present and future is defined and our eyes are opened unto His plans, plans that can only be seen with “the eyes of a child”
A song by The Moody Blues seems to capture the essence of these eyes.

Click the link below 
Eyes of a Child

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In our awakening there is an unwrapping that seems to come in waves, it’s a part of our learning to be still and relate to our Father.  

To recline upon his chest and in the stillness, listening to his beating heart, secure beyond measure and transformed in his love. 


This unwrapping is the removal of all that does not equate or fit into the dynamics of his love, exposing our religious tendencies and establishing trust, trust in his ever present Love.

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Moves Me

It’s not the theologians, the scholars the sterile nor the self justified that moves me. 

I find the wayward traveler, the cowboy poet, one who has walked thru the ashes of their thoughts, or the sojourner seeker looking for a city who’s author is God that moves me, moves me to seek, to hunger and thirst for that which is real, true, alive and ever present.

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“My soul counseled me and charged me to listen to voices that rise from neither the throat nor the tongue.   

Before that day, I heard but dully, and naught save clammor and loud cries came to my ears.  


But now I have learned to listen to the silence…  


To hear it’s choirs singing the song of ages, chanting the hymns of space, and disclosing the secrets of eternity…”

~ Unknown

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